Buradasınız : Ana Sayfa //Haberler//Isırganotu Çorbası Tarifi-Canan Karatay (Melek 26.09.2013)

Isırganotu Çorbası Tarifi-Canan Karatay (Melek 26.09.2013)

Sabahların en çok izlenen sabah programı Karatay mutfağı’ ndan ‘Isırganotu çorbası”tarifi Melek’te. Isırganotu  çorbası sağlık açısından çok faydalıdır.

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Isırganotu Çorbası Hazırlanışı

ısırgan-otu çorbası

ısırgan-otu çorbası

– 1 demet ısırganotu

– 1 adet kuru soğan

– 1-2 diş sarımsak

– 5 su bardağı su veya kemik suyu

– 2-3 yemek kaşığı bulgur

– 1 çay bardağı yoğurt

– 1 yumurtanın sarısı

– Yarım limonun suyu

– 2 yemek kaşığı tereyağı

– 1 çay kaşığı pulbiber, karabiber

– Kristal kayatuzu

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  1. Sandy dedi ki:

    Mark:Regarding your adventure, I can esaily work with you to drop the OTU-specific components and we can release your adventure in a generic setting that could esaily be adapted to play in the OTU or someone else’s ATU. No problems there. I definitely want to see your work get out there.Bear in mind that certain elements of the OTU (such as certain alien races and the UWPs) are already part of the Open Game Content through Traveller T20, and that can’t be revoked. We can’t use the OTU background, as the background hasn’t been released as Open Game Content, but we can mention the alien races that have been released through QLI’s work.In regards to what I’ll be releasing for Samardan Press, I am currently working on a frontier sector on the edge of the human-dominated Dracosian Republic. There are a number of other polities in the sector that resemble in some regards a microcosm of classic tropes common to many sci-fi universes, including the OTU. There’s a warrior society, a race of psionic humans, several smaller non-human polities to visit and interact with, and more. The average TL doesn’t hit higher than TL13, but there’s a xenophobic culture with TL15-ish, and a background that supports ruins with extreme TLs. I wanted to create a setting where one could more esaily use material from other Traveller sources, and which would allow gamers to use the material in their own Traveller games.I am considering releasing a quadrant of the Azri Drakara sector as a preview in the next issue of Stellar Reaches. I’ll try to give more details later, if it will help. In the meantime, if you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask.With Regards,Flynn

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